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Important Tools in Your Toolbox That You May Have Forgotten About


Every profession has tools that are unique and specific to their trade.

Carpenters have hammers.

Dentists have drills.



But then, so do carpenters. Please Dr. Dentist,  don't ever ever get the drills confused. That thought makes me shutter.


(My dentist office called while I was writing this post.

Do you think that's a warning to double check his tool tray?)



Accountants have software.

Lawyers have courtrooms and laws.

Children's Ministry leaders have…


What are the tools that make us effective in children's ministry?  

Vital tools for every children's ministry leader.

Or the tools that make our job easier?








Sure, they're great tools that would definitely hit the "Top Ten Essentials List" of most children's ministry leaders. Yet there are other tools in our tool box that should be on our essential list, but they don't make it out of the tool box as frequently as they should. Maybe you've even forgotten about them!



Let's stir around in the tool box again.

Maybe they've fallen to the bottom. 



Let's drag them out and talk about some not so popular tools that every children ministry leader needs.

Oh, there's a vital one. (I'm looking over your shoulder as you stir in your tool box!) And we do talk about that tool, a lot! Buttt, the tough part is actually using it more skillfully.
It's the big tool there, yeah, that one- the love tool.
Not the glossy, glitzy kind that winds up in a staged photograph of a smiling child and his adoring teacher. (Those pictures give me the heebee jeebees!)

But the hard kind.



The love that is demonstrated with consistencence,  forgiveness and patience.



It's the glue kind that keeps us serving…giving…teaching when kids are disrespectful and angry.


Geniune love, that flows from God's heart into yours, when you are totally bankrupt of love of your own.



It's the tool that coaxes open hard hearts and clamped, parched lips to sip the life giving water of Scripture. Without love you won't stay in children's ministry long.



Yes, it's an important tool,

but you can't afford to ignore the other tools either.



Let's take another look. I won't have to explain them, but I do want to remind you of what they can accomplish in the heart of a child. It's like looking through your grandpa's tool box, running your fingers gently over a rough file or smoothing plane. You don't need a course on how to use them, just time to watch grandpa demonstrate it for you. 



The tool of listening.

Hearing what they are really saying.
Looking in their eyes.
Asking questions.
Do you realize the value you are communicating when you simply listen. 



The tool of commitment.

Committed to growth.
Commitment to be there-on time-prepared.
The commitment to have a message from God, not just a good object lesson or visual. He still talks to kids and one of the way He talks to them is through Children's Ministry Leaders.



The tool of honor.

They won't respect you if you don't earn their respect.

As you honor them by setting boundaries that they can understand. Boundaries that keep them safe and enable them to enjoy the service while respecting others.
Honoring their limitations.
Honoring their needs.
Talking and ministering to them, not at them.
Honoring them by giving them someone to follow, goals that they can reach toward. Age appropriate goals, yet without dumbing it down to make them worthless and trite. 



The tool of discernment.

Seeing that goes beyond the surface, all the way to the root of the situation.
Seeing the real thorn, beneath the symptoms.



The tool of prayer.

  • Prayer that invites God to partner with you in ministry.
  • Prayer prepares your heart.
  • Prayer prepares the children's hearts.
  • Prayer makes a tremendous difference in your ministry. Don't neglect this vital tool.



More vital tools:

Connection Tool

where you connect with the heart of your listener

Kindness Tool

Big Events Tool

Camps and campouts




Vision Tool

Seeing their talents; and what they can become.

Helping them see their talents and gifts

Involvement Tool

Involving them in something they can believe in.




OK! You get the idea.

What are some tools in your toolbox that you think other Children's Ministry leaders would benefit from using?



uTrain Around the House Visuals
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